CFS Creasy

PhD Candidate
Hearst Field Annex (door D-29)
Monday 2:00-4:00 by appointment


Selected Publications and Papers Delivered


Peer-Reviewed Articles

'Flaubert’s Alibi: The Impossible Ensemble of Madame Bovary.' Novel: A Forum on Fiction 48.3 (Winter 2015): 363-380. [LINK]

'Of Matter and Manner: Djuna Barnes's Ryder and the Style of Censorship.' (under review)


Other Articles and Reviews

'Out of the Spirit of the Medieval: Andrew Cole's The Birth of Theory.' Qui Parle 24.1 (Fall/Winter 2015): 161-172. [LINK]

“Feast and/or Fast: The Self-Consuming Textual Spectacle of ‘Ein Hungerkünstler’.” Journal of the Kafka Society of America. (in progress; invited contribution)

Review of Tartuffe at Berkeley Repertory Theatre (UC Berkeley English Blog, April 4, 2015) [LINK]

'Thy zeal deserves a miracle.' Review of The Winter’s Tale at California Shakespeare Theater (UC Berkeley English Blog, October 8, 2013) [LINK]



'Thomas Hardy and the Public Execution of the Victorian Novel.' American Comparative Literature Association Conference 2016 (Cambridge, MA).

'Revenant Revision: Oscar Wilde and Djuna Barnes.' Modernist Studies Association Conference 2015 (Boston, MA).

'Jean Hyppolite's Logos and the Prose of the World.' Berkeley-France Conference 2014. Université Paris 3 - Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris, France).

'Beckett's Work of Unabandonment.' Modernist Studies Association Conference 2014 (Pittsburgh, PA).

'On the Discontinuity of Reality of Das Urteil.' Kafka Society of America Roundtable Session. Modern Language Association Convention 2014 (Chicago, IL).

'Le mot juste, le mot du juriste. Representing Madame Bovary on Trial.' Nineteenth-Century French Studies Colloquium 2013. University of Richmond (Richmond, VA).

'How Can We Tell Watt from Watt ?' International Society for the Study of Narrative Conference 2013. Manchester Metropolitan University (Manchester, England).

'Auch du hast Waffen. The Kafkan Schreckbild.' American Comparative Literature Association Conference 2012. Brown University (Providence, RI).

'Dislocating Experience in History. Faulkner's Topography of the Past.' American Comparative Literature Association Conference 2011. Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, Canada).

'“Thankless Field of Letters”: Urbanity and Vulgarity in Poe’s Place of Truth.' McGill English Graduate Student Association Conference 2010. McGill University (Montréal, Canada).
(Panel co-organizer: 'Prehistories in Modern Urban Space')

'The Beam in “the beholder’s eye”: Narrative Voice and Subjectivity in the Final Section of The Sound and the Fury.' Faulkner and Yoknapatawpha Conference 2008. University of Mississippi – Oxford (Oxford, MS).


Current Research

Things Passed Over: The Modernist Novel and the Scandal of Revision



Recent English Courses Taught

Summer, 2017
Course & Section Course Name Course Areas
R1B/2 Reading & Composition: Perceptual Decadence Reading and Composition
Fall, 2016
Course & Section Course Name Course Areas
45C/101 (discussion) Literature in English: Late-19th through the 20th Century
Spring, 2016
Course & Section Course Name Course Areas
R1B/16 Reading and Composition: Have You Lost Your Mind? Contesting Impressions in Literature, 1873-1973 Reading and Composition
Fall, 2015
Course & Section Course Name Course Areas
117A/102 (discussion) Shakespeare: Shakespeare before 1600

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