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Steven Goldsmith

C63 Hearst Annex
Spring 2016 T 3:30-4:30; F 12:30-2:00



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Picture 7 Blake's Agitation: Criticism and the Emotions
  Blake’s Agitation is a thorough and engaging reflection on the dynamic, forward-moving, and active nature of critical thought. Steven Goldsmith investigates the modern notion that there’s a fiery feeling in critical thought, a form of emotion that gives authentic criticism the potential to go beyond interpreting the world. By arousing this critical excitement in readers a....
Book cover 2 Unbuilding Jerusalem: Apocalypse and Romantic Representation

Current Research

Blake, Aesthetics, Affect Studies

Recent English Courses Taught

Spring, 2016
Course & Section Course Name Course Areas
165/5 Special Topics: Is It Useless to Revolt?: Literature of Revolt Poetry
Literary Theory
Special Topics
203/2 Graduate Readings: Aesthetics and Politics: Kant and Beyond Literary Theory
Graduate Courses
Fall, 2015
Course & Section Course Name Course Areas
C107/1 The Bible as Literature Special Topics
C107/101 -- discussion section Lorden, Jennifer A.

C107/102 -- discussion section Gregory, Jane

C107/103 -- discussion section Villagrana, José

C107/104 -- discussion section Mangin, Sarah

190/2 Research Seminar: Materialism: Ancient and Modern Research Seminars
Spring, 2015
Course & Section Course Name Course Areas
190/5 Research Seminar: Materialism--Ancient and Modern Research Seminars

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