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David Marno

Assistant Professor
C45 Hearst Field Annex
MF 2-4 at Blue Door Cafe (2244 Bancroft) and by appointment

Professional Statement

I am fascinated with the Renaissance as a transitional period in which old epistemic unities are broken up into new, distinct endeavors of knowledge and practice. My research investigates how authors effected or experienced these changes. I am especially interested in how religious ideals and practices participate in the transformations of the period – how they at times fuel, and at times resist secularization. In my current research I concentrate on the intersection between literature and religious practice, in particular on the relationship between prayer, meditation, spiritual exercises and poetry. I have published on religious and secular concepts of attention, on apocalypse as a literary and political figure, and on philosophy of history and comparative literature. Currently I am completing a book manuscript on John Donne’s Holy Sonnets and the idea of “holy attention.” 


Recent English Courses Taught

Fall, 2016
Course & Section Course Name Course Areas
117T/1 Shakespeare in the Theater: Performing Shakespeare: <em>Troilus and Cressida</em> Shakespeare
H195A/1 Honors Course Literary Theory
Honors and Tutorial Courses
Spring, 2016
Course & Section Course Name Course Areas
45A/2 Literature in English: Through Milton Introductory Surveys
45A/201 -- discussion section Scott, Mark JR

45A/202 -- discussion section Ding, Katherine

Fall, 2015
Course & Section Course Name Course Areas
117S/1 Shakespeare Shakespeare
250/4 Research Seminar: John Donne and T.S. Eliot: Lyric Poetry and Society Graduate Courses
Fall, 2014
Course & Section Course Name Course Areas
115A/1 The English Renaissance (through the 16th century) Renaissance and Early Modern
Spring, 2014
Course & Section Course Name Course Areas
165/1 Special Topics: Donne: Poetry, Prose, Letters
250/1 Research Seminars: Religion and Poetry in Early Modern England Renaissance and Early Modern
Graduate Courses

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