Visiting Scholars

Visiting Scholar or Visiting Student Researcher
Procedures and Policies
English Department, UC Berkeley


1.     Contact a faculty member of the English Department to see if they will serve as your faculty sponsor during your stay.  Please check our website for their contact information. The faculty sponsor will not sponsor you financially, but only with his or her guidance and advice.

2.     Fill out the information request form, type the answers into the Word document in a different color. Answer ALL questions. If a question doesn't apply to you, write N/A as the answer.

3.     Send the Administrative Officer,, the following scanned documents along with the information request form:

a.     Passport ID page

b.     Proof of funding.  You need to show proof of having $1,600 USD available per month. If you are bringing your spouse to the United States, you need to show proof of an additional $500 per month.  If you are bringing children, you must show proof of having an additional $200 for each child accompanying you to the United States available. 

c.     All prior DS 2019s you received (if you ever had a J1 visa)

d.     Passport ID pages of your dependents (if you are bringing a spouse or children).

4.     Send via mail to English Department, UC Berkeley, 322 Wheeler Hall, MC 1030, Berkeley, CA  94720: A banker's demand draft for $410 Pay to: UC Regents (no Money Transfer or Wire Transfer). This fee is for the processing cost for DS 2019.

5.     Fill out the VSPA application form for Visiting Scholars or Visiting Student Researchers (depending on which status applies to you).

Please also note the following:

·       There is an additional $400 university fee that you'll need to pay by credit card upon arrival at UC Berkeley.

·       The whole process - until you have your visa in hand - can take up to 4 months.

·       We cannot start processing your request until we have all your paperwork present.

·       Do not make a visa appointment until you have your DS 2019 in hand.

·       The university is not responsible for your housing or airport transportation.

·       Take a close look at the information regarding j1 visas here:

6.     Receive DS 2019 in mail.

7.     Schedule visa appointment at local US embassy.

8.     Receive passport with visa in the mail.