Undergraduate Advising Hours And Contact Information

Spring 2015

Drop-in Hours for Major and Minor Advising

Faculty Undergraduate Advisers:

Stephen Best

Stephen Best
404 Wheeler

Regular office hours: TTh11:00-12:00



Kristin Hanson

Kristin Hanson
419 Wheeler

Regular office hours: TuTh 1:45-3:15 p.m.

W 1/21:  3-5
F 1/23:  3-5



Georgina Kleege

Georgina Kleege
463 Wheeler

Regular office hours: Mondays 12-2 & Thursdays 11-1, or by appointment

W 1/23:  9-1
F 4/3:  10-2



Steven Lee

Steven Lee
415 Wheeler

Regular office hours: T 5-6:30, Th 12:30-2

W 1/21:  1:30 - 5:30
W 4/1:  10:15 - 2:15



Please contact one of the above advisers to make an appointment if you are unable to make any of their office hours.

Undergraduate Adviser:

Ken Mahru

Ken Mahru
319 Wheeler Hall
M-F 10-12, 1-4

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Scott Saul

Scott Saul
441 Wheeler

Regular office hours: Th 2:15-5:15


Advisers will meet at these hours, unless they are unable to due to illness, or professional meetings. When this happens, notice will be placed outside of their office door when possible.