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Alex Zwerdling

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Photo 60x60 Yeats and the Heroic Ideal
Orwell and the left Orwell and the Left
Woolf and the real world Virginia Woolf and the Real World
Zwerdling aims to correct the standard image of Woolf as an "immured priest ess in the temple of artdedicated, sol itary, out of touch with the life of her time." He constructs his argument around Woolf's "intense interest in the life of society and its effect on the indi vidual," and treats such topics as class and money, the social system, the fam ily, feminism, the turbulent politics of the 19....
Seige of london Improvised Europeans, American Literary Expatriates, and the Siege of London
Taking his title from a letter by Henry Adams, and his subtitle in part from a short story by Henry James, Zwerdling (Orwell and the Left; Virginia Woolf and the Real World) examines the expatriate experience of four American writers: Adams, James, Ezra Pound and T.S. Eliot. Tracing these writers' conflicted attitudes toward their own country, Zwerdling examines how, while forging their individua....

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