Spring 2023 Classes

To view the department's Spring 2023 course offerings, please consult the Berkeley Academic Guide via the links below:

Classes that satisfy the department's pre-1800 and Literatures in English requirements are noted in the Guide (in the Class Description section of each class):

If you have questions or issues with class enrollment, please email

  • Berkeley Connect in English is a one unit mentorship and discussion course which aims to foster community in the English Department by offering a space for “serious play”: small group discussions about ideas and texts, explorations of the many riches of the Berkeley campus, visits by department faculty and distinguished alumni, and one-on-one advice on courses and graduate programs from graduate students and professors. For more information, please see the Berkeley Connect in English website.

DeCal Courses in the English Department

Please consult the DeCal website for information and instructions.

Students interested in leading a DeCal course in Fall 2021 must submit complete proposals to the Department by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, May 14, 2021. Late proposals will not be considered. The proposal consists of

  • A completed Course Proposal Form
  • A syllabus
  • A letter of support from a member of the English Department faculty

which should be submitted via this form by the deadline.

The Department will contact you by the the end of May to let you know whether it approves your course for consideration by the Committee on Courses of the Academic Senate. If your proposal is accepted by the department, you must submit all required materials directly to the Academic Senate by their deadline of July 13, 2021 and attend a workshop at the Student Learning Center, which provides resources to undergraduate course facilitators.

Please understand that the Department will not be able to consider incomplete applications, and be as thorough as possible with your submission.

  • Students may receive credit for working on projects individually with professors via Independent Study. Once a student has found a faculty sponsor for an independent study, they should complete and submit the Application for Independent Study.  Students will be emailed a class number they will use to enroll in the course on CalCentral. 

    Members of the public may audit classes only through Concurrent Enrollment with the new no-credit option administered by UC Extension, i.e. auditing classes free of charge is no longer possible. Like for-credit enrollment, no-credit enrollment in a course is dependent on seats available and is at the discretion of the instructor. It also requires the approval of the department chair.

    If you are interested in auditing an English Department course, please follow instructions on this page under "Spring 2021 Concurrent Enrollment Instructions."

    For students enrolled in the no-credit option, course grades and a UC Berkeley transcript will not be issued. These enrollees are expected to be “silent auditors,” though they may take part in discussions with the permission of the instructor. They may take exams and write papers, but their work will not be graded. Students who enroll for no credit will receive a marker of "NC" on their official UC Berkeley Extension transcript.