Announcement of Classes: Summer 2013

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N166 /1

Special Topics:
Freud, Marx, Nietzsche

TTh 3:30-5

Graphic novel is often defined as “a single-author, book-length work, meant for a grown-up reader, with a memoirist or novelistic nature, usually devoid of superheroes.” Many comic artists, however, ridicule the term as a pretentious and disingenuous...(read more) Ring, Joseph
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The Language and Literature of Films:
The Hollywood Western

M 2-5 & W 2-4

Regular attendance is required. Two seven-page essays and a final quiz. Viewing notes taken during films viewed on Mondays will be handed in on Wednesdays. The class will be a mix of lecture and discussion. This course will be taught in Session C, fr...(read more) Breitwieser, Mitchell



MTuTh 10-12

In 1909 William Dean Howells called autobiography, “the most democratic province in the republic of letters.” Acknowledging autobiography as a “characteristically American mode of storytelling,” contemporary scholars tend to celebrate the liberatory ...(read more) Wong, Hertha D. Sweet


The Short Story

MW 10-12

A broad survey of the short story, this course will cover texts from several regions and historical periods.  We will examine the origin of the short story and some of its common features as well as the unique impressions culturally and historically ...(read more) Gordon, Zachary

There are no special instructions for Summer 2013 English Department courses, other than to note in which session each course is offered.

The following courses are offered in Session A (May 28 - July 2):  English N125D and N135.

The following courses are offered in Session C (June 24 - August 15):  English N1A, N1B, N132, N173, and N180H.

The following courses are offered in Session D (July 8 - August 15):  English N117S, N141, N166, and N180A.

The only lower-division courses being taught in Summer '13 are Reading and Composition (N1A and N1B).

The only graduate-level courses available in the summer are independent study (N299 and N602).