Announcement of Classes: Summer 2016

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Reading & Composition:
Manufactured Monsters

TTh 12-2

This course investigates monsters—from the stitched-together creatures of The Island of Dr. Moreau (1896) to present-day vampires, werewolves, body snatchers, and other frightening creatures of lore and literature. We will read two ...(read more)

Diaz, Rosalind



MTTh 12-2

In his great book on Shakespearean Tragedy (1905), A. C. Bradley writes that, when we experience one of Shakespeare's tragic plays, "We seem to have before us a type of the mystery of the whole world, the tragic fact which extend...(read more)

Puckett, Kent


The 20th-Century Novel

MTTh 2-4

This course is a general survey of the 20th-century novel. The novel is the quintessential form of expression of modernity and modern subjectivity. In this survey of key works of the century, we will explore the novel form as it is framed by these...(read more)

Jones, Donna V.


Modes of Writing:
Writing Short Fiction

MTTh 12-2

English N141 provides an introduction to the craft of writing short fiction through the practice of reading, writing and revision. We will explore key aspects of craft including voice, point of view, narrative structure, and characterization, and ...(read more)

Tranter, Kirsten


Special Topics:
Moby-Dick and the Theory of the Novel

MTTh 4-6

In this summer session, we'll read one and only one novel: Herman Melville's Moby-Dick (1851). We'll read the book carefully and closely, working particularly to understand Melville's idiosyncratic use of particuar aesthet...(read more)

Puckett, Kent


Special Topics:
The U.S. Novel Since 1945: Authors and Workers

TTh 10-12

This course will examine the development of the U.S. novel in light of the profound reorganization of working life since 1945, a process that has involved a m...(read more)

Bernes, Jasper


The Language and Literature Films: The Hollywood Western

M 2-5 & W 2-4

Regular attendance is required. Two seven-page essays and a final quiz. Viewing notes taken during films viewed on Mondays will be handed in on Wednesdays. The class will be a mix of lecture and discussion.

This class is open to UC students...(read more)

Breitwieser, Mitchell


Science Fiction

MTTh 10-12

This course will examine in depth the history of speculative fiction and its engagement with the thematics and topoi of the new life sciences--representation of cloning, ecological dystopias, hybrid life-forms, genetic engineering dystopi...(read more)

Jones, Donna V.

There are no special instructions for Summer 2016 English Department courses, other than to note in which session each course is offered.

The following courses are offered in Session A (May 23 - June 30): English N117S, N125D, N166 section 1, and N180Z.

The following courses are offered in Session C (June 20 - August 11): English N1A, N1B, and N173.

The following course is offered in Session D (July 5 - August 11): English N141.

The only graduate-level courses available in the summer are independent study (N299 and N602).