Announcement of Classes: Summer 2018

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Reading & Composition:
What Have I Done?

TuWTh 9:30-12

This course will examine the problematic interactions between experience, action, and knowledge. Focusing primarily on the second half of the 19th and the first half of the 20th century, we will read mostly narrative...(read more)

Creasy, CFS


Reading & Composition:
The Marriage Plot: Agency and Choice in the 19th Century

TWTh 1-3:30

Womens’ rights and choices have been a national conversation for over a century now; but when did that conversation begin? In this course, we will examine womens’ choices in Victorian novels and discuss how the tensions between social, ...(read more)

Mittnacht, Veronica Vizuet


Reading & Composition:
Black on White/White on White

MTuTh 2-4

What do we gain from learning about White privilege and experience from the perspective of both ethnic-minority and White writers and thinkers? What do these different perspectives reveal about the contours of racial privilege in the contemporary U...(read more)

Johnston, Taylor


Reading & Composition:
Choice Cuts: Writing about Food

TuWTh 1-3:30

Our course begins with Terry Eagleton’s assertion that “food looks like an object but is actually a relationship, and the same is true of literary works” and moves to consider that relationship in texts as varied as medieval ...(read more)

Stevenson, Max


Reading & Composition:
Bay Area Poetry

TuWTh 9:30-12

This course studies Bay Area poetry, where many of the threads of twentieth-century American poetry intersect. Bay Area poetry allows us to consider the history of avant-garde movements in the 20th century, and how they align with t...(read more)

Benjamin, Daniel


Reading & Composition:
Masculinity, The American Dream, and The Myth of Starting Over from Jay Gatsby to Jay-Z

MTuTh 12-2

The texts for this course consider the figure of the “self-made man” and his function in the American cultural imagination. From his representation in American literature to his representation in contemporary popular culture and politic...(read more)

Cruz, Frank Eugene
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TWTh 5-7:30

Shakespeare’s poems and plays are relentlessly unsettling, extravagantly beautiful, deeply moving, rigorously brilliant, and compulsively meaningful: they complicate everything, they simplify nothing, and...(read more)

Marno, David
Arnold, Oliver


The 20th-Century Novel

MTuTh 9:30-12

This course is a survey of the 20th-century novel. The novel is the quintessential form of expression of modernity and modern subjectivity. In this survey of key works of the century, we will explore the novel ...(read more)

Jones, Donna V.


Literature of American Cultures

TuWTh 1-3:30

Taking contemporary American poetry as its central focus, this survey course will consider poetry from the last 18 years in relation to a number of concerns, debates, and questions by which we can critically engage a historical moment that continue...(read more)

Stancek, Claire Marie


Modes of Writing (Exposition, Fiction, Verse, etc.):
Creative Reading/Creative Writing through Criticism, Short Fiction, and Poetry

TuTh 2-5

In this class, we’ll explore the links between reading and writing. How is reading related to our creative writing practices? Is reading important to understanding our interests, talents, and methods as creative writers? How can we become bet...(read more)

Muhammad, Ismail


Short Fiction

MW 2-5

In this eight-week course, we will focus on two things: learning about contemporary publishing venues for short fiction—both traditional journals and online platforms—and workshopping the participants’ fiction. Together, we will r...(read more)

Young, Rosetta


Special Topics:
Speculative Fictions, Possible Futures

TuWTh 4-6:30

This course will present the genre of speculative fiction and its historical commitment to imagining plausible and implausible alternatives to the present. We will begin by looking at the Golden Age of the science fiction short story, the 1950s and...(read more)

O'Brien, Geoffrey G.


Special Topics:
Games of Thrones, Medieval to Modern

TuWTh 10-12

This course will show how Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire draw on a long literary-historical legacy, emphasizing the preoccupations that have made their way from medieval and Renaissance writers into mod...(read more)

Strub, Spencer


The Language and Literature of Films:
Cinematic Futures, Literary Visions

MTuTh 2-4:30

This course will compare literary works of futurism—science fiction, utopian and fantastic literature—with cinematic adaptations of speculative fiction. Some of the thematic questions we will address: how does the contemporary shape bot...(read more)

Jones, Donna V.


Literature and Popular Culture:
The 1990s: A Decade About Nothing

TuWTh 9:30-12

The 1990s are sometimes understood as a period between major events: the fall of the Berlin Wall and the attacks on the World Trade Center; the initial phase of neoliberal economics (Reagan/Thatcher) and the mature phase (Bush/Bl...(read more)

Lavery, Grace