English 24

Freshman Seminar: The Mystery of Edwin Drood

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4 Fall 2009 Tracy, Robert
Tracy, Robert
M 3-5 (Sept 14 to Nov. 2 only) Room L20 of Unit II (2650 Haste St.)

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Dickens, C.: The Mystery of Edwin Drood


Dickens's last novel, The Mystery of Edwin Drood, is the most successful mystery story ever written. Dickens died before finishing it or solving the mystery. Unlike other mystery stories, it fails to reassure us that justice is done, and forces us to accept the absence of closure. We must move beyond reassurance into the larger mysteries of motivation and behavior that lie behind any crime. Dickens is writing a new kind of novel, in which the imaginative process and its translation into writing become the central subject. At the peak of his powers, Dickens is exploring his own motivations as a writer, and the geography of his own imagination. Please read chapters 1-4 for the first class meeting.

This course will meet from September 14 through November 2 only.

This course may not be counted as one of the twelve courses required to complete the English major.

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