English 45C

Literature in English: Mid-19th Through the 20th Century

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
1 Fall 2009 Serpell, C. Namwali
Serpell, C. Namwali
MW 1-2 + Discussion F 1-2 277 Cory

Other Readings and Media

Tentative book list: Conrad, J.: Heart of Darkness; Eliot, T. S.: The Waste Land ; Woolf, V.: To the Lighthouse ; Faulkner, W.: The Sound and the Fury; Nabokov, V.: Lolita ; Beckett, S.: Endgame ; Morrison, T.: Beloved ; McEwan, I.: Atonement; a course pack with a few poems and short stories


Some works of literature this professor believes you absolutely must read before you graduate, also known as a survey of British and American literature in the last century. We will investigate forms, techniques, ideas, cultural context, and intertextuality. Special attention will be paid to questions of aesthetics, epistemology, and ethics—what is beautiful? how do we know? what ought we do?—as they develop in the West during the course of the twentieth century.

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