English 111

Upper Division Coursework: Chaucer

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
1 Fall 2008 Justice, Steven
Justice, Steven
MW 5-6:30 155 Kroeber

Other Readings and Media

Chaucer, G. Canterbury Tales (ed. Mann); Chaucer, G. Troilus and Criseyde (ed. Barney)


This course will concentrate on Chaucer?s two greatest works, the Troilus and Criseyde and the Canterbury Tales, glancing more quickly at other bits of his oeuvre and at pieces of the literary tradition he assembled from Latin, French, and Italian sources. Chaucer readings will of course be in Middle English; we will give some brief attention at the beginning of the semester to properties of the language, and occasional quizzes will check on the students? mastery of it.

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