English C136

Topics In American Studies: American Literature and the City

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
1 Fall 2008 Otter, Sam and Henkin, David
Lectures TTh 12:30-2 in 390 Hearst Mining, plus one hour of discussion section per week 390 Hearst Mining

Other Readings and Media

Child, L. : Letters from New York Foster, G.: New York By Gaslight Lippard, G.: Quaker City Thompson, G.: Venus in Boston Webb, F.: Garies and Their Friends Riis, J.: How the Other Half Lives Addams, J.: Twenty Years at Hull-House Levy, 920 O'Farrell Street Norris, F.: McTeague Johnson, J.: Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man Hammett, D.: Maltese Falcon Chandler, R.: Big Sleep West, N.: Day of the Locust Dick, P.: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Delany, S.: Times Square Red, Times Square Blue


Co-taught by a literary scholar and a historian, this course offers an interdisciplinary examination of how the American metropolis has been portrayed in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in novels, short stories, poetry, journalism, essays, photography, and film. We will pay special attention to texts and images of New York, but we also will devote significant attention to four other cities (Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles) in different periods of American urban history. There will be two midterms and one final examination. All examinations will include both in-class and take-home components.

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