English 195A

Honors Course: Honors Course

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
2 Fall 2008 Lye, Colleen
Lye, Colleen
MW 4-5:30 83 Dwinelle

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The purpose of this section of H195 is to provide an exposure to literary theory that should be of equal value to honors projects belonging to earlier and later periods. The approach taken to the reading, however, will likely be most useful to students particularly invested in exploring the relationship between literature and history, and between literature and politics. First, we will establish some grounding in the traditions considered fundamental to the moment of ?literary theory?: structuralism, psychoanalysis, marxism, deconstruction. With the aid of this grounding, we will take stock of some topical concerns of contemporary literary criticism: globalization and transnationalism, aesthetic form and affect. In the fall semester, students will simultaneously be working toward the development of a prospectus for the 40-60 page honors thesis they will produce in the spring semester. The spring semester will be devoted to the research and writing of the thesis, and students will be divided into groups to help each other with this process.

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