English 205A

Graduate Readings: Old English

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
1 Fall 2008 Thornbury, Emily V.
Thornbury, Emily
MW 9-10:30 301 Wheeler

Other Readings and Media

Baker, P. Introduction to Old English, 2nd edition.


This class is intended to equip students with the linguistic and cultural knowledge necessary to read and analyze Old English texts in prose and verse. Much of the work for the earlier part of the course will consist of in-class translation and commentary, but as students? reading skills develop, we will move on to examine issues of form and style; genre; the manuscript as context; and the cultural expectations that shaped vernacular writing in the Anglo-Saxon period. Depending on student interest, we may also consider topics such as the interaction of Latin and Old English; textual criticism; or modern translations and versions of Old English texts. No prior knowledge of Old English is necessary.

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