English 26

Literature In English: Introduction to the Study of Poetry

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
1 Fall 2007 Campion, John
Campion, John
TTh 2-3:30 221 Wheeler
Other Readings and Media

Ellman, R.: The Norton Anthology of Modern Poetry, second ed.; Course Reader (supplemental essays and poetry for the course)


The lectures, class discussions, and readings for this course are intended to develop students´┐Ż ability to analyze, understand, and evaluate poetry, while they gain greater self-confidence and authority in writing about poems. Special attention will be paid to the essential poetic aspects of idea, image, and music. The course will mainly focus on modern poetry, but will begin with Walt Whitman and continue through the post-modern work of Charles Olson. We may look at some contemporary work if time allows. Attendance and active participation is essential. Expect to write two papers, take a final, and additionally, to write ten short papers as part of your participation.

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