English 45C

Literature In English: Mid-19th Through the 20th Century

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
2 Fall 2007 Hejinian, Lyn
Hejinian, Lyn
MW 3-4, plus one hour of discussion section per week (all sections F 3-4) 3 LeConte
Other Readings and Media

Benson, S., et al.: The Grand Piano Part 3; Stein, G.: Three Lives and Q.E.D; James, H.: Turn of the Screw; Williams, W. C.: Imaginations; Woolf, V.: Mrs. Dalloway; Mullen, H.: Sleeping with the Dictionary; Ngugi Wa Thiong´┐Żo: The River Between; Locke, A., ed.: The New Negro. In addition to these texts, a required reader will be available at Copy Central on Bancroft.


Intended as a general survey of imaginative responses to the not always positive progress of modernity, this course will examine works produced by an array of prominent figures and representative of some of the principal Modernist and Postmodern movements, and / or events. We will begin with the rise of Realism in the mid-19 th century and finish the course with works in experimental modes of the almost immediate present. The Armory Show, Imagism, Russian Formalism, Surrealism, the Harlem Renaissance, the Beat Movement, the Black Arts Movement, and Language Writing are among the cultural moments we will experience along the way.

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