English 246C

Graduate Pro-seminar: Renaissance?16th Century

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
1 Spring 2007 Booth, Stephen
Booth, Stephen
TTh 5-6:30 222 Wheeler

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No required texts


"My chief concern as a student of literature is aesthetic. This therefore is probably not a serviceable course for students swatting up answers for doctor?s orals. This will be a survey course, but a highly selective one. Although I plan to look at the best and/or most interesting work of several lesser sixteenth-century writers?for instance, some lyrics by Wyatt and some by Sidney, and Surrey's blank verse?I mean to give over the bulk of class time to the verse of Spenser, Marlowe, and Shakespeare, particularly their narrative verse.

I will print out most of the short things we will talk about in class. Although there are no required texts for the course, these are recommendations for texts to use for the long narrative poems.

1. Shakespeare?s Narrative poems (use Either The Poems, ed., D. Bevington et al. [Bantam books] or The Narrative Poems, ed., J. Crewe [Penguin] or one of the one-volume complete Shakespeares assigned in English 117J or 117S or 117A or 117B).

2 Marlowe?s Hero and Leander (use Either Complete Poems and Translations, ed., S. Orgel [Penguin] or The Norton Anthology of English Lit, ed. Abrams et al., Volume 1 or The Norton Anthology of Poetry, ed., Ferguson et.al.).

3 Spenser?s Faerie Queene (use Either The Faerie Queene, ed., T. Roche [Penguin] or any other annotated, post-1970 edition that gives the whole poem). "

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