English 45C

Lower Division Coursework: Literature in English: Mid-19th Through the 20th Century

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
1 Fall 2006 Lye, Colleen
Lye, Colleen
MW 11-12, plus one hour of discussion section per week (all sections F 11-12) 390 Hearst Mining
Other Readings and Media

(Please attend first day of class before purchasing): J.M. Coetzee: Disgrace; J. Conrad: Lord Jim; WEB Dubois: The Souls of Black Folk; W. Faulkner: Absalom! Absalom!; H. James: Portrait of a Lady; M.H. Kingston: The Woman Warrior; V.S. Naipul: The Mimic Men; T. Morrison: Beloved; M. Ondaatje: The English Patient; V. Woolf: To the Lighthouse. There will also be a course reader containing selected poetry, essays, and short stories.


This course is an introduction to literature written in English mainly between the late 19 th century and the late 20 th century. There will be two kinds of emphases running through the course´┐Żone paid to the formal innovations credited to the significant authors of this period, the other paid to the socio-political conditions surrounding their aesthetic achievements. In particular, we will consider the development of English literature in the context of competing British and American empires and the globalization of English.

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