English 302

Graduate course: The Teaching of Composition and Literature

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
1 Fall 2006 Goodman, Kevis
Katz, Stephen A
Goodman, Kevis and Katz, Stephen
Thurs. 9-11 305 Wheeler

Other Readings and Media

Still in the planning stages. For further updates, contact kgoodman@berkeley.edu or sakatz@berkeley.edu. Possibilities include Showalter, E.: Teaching Literature; Davis, B.: Tools for Teaching.


"This jointly taught course will introduce new English GSIs to the theory and practice of teaching in 45 A-B-C, R1A and R1B, and other classes they are likely to teach both at Berkeley and beyond. Designed as both a critical seminar and a hands-on practicum, it will explore effective strategies for leading discussion, modeling close reading, teaching the elements of composition, responding to and evaluating student writing, managing time, preparing future lectures, designing courses and syllabi, and other elements that make up the work of teaching here and elsewhere. The seminar component of the class will offer a space forsharing tips and advice, experimenting with various pedagogical styles and practices, and articulating individual teaching philosophies. In the practicum component, we hope to pair class participants with an experienced GSI teaching in R1A/R1B or with a faculty mentor, so that new teachers can observe several classes during the semester other than their own. In addition�and to some extent along the lines of the English 200 text�each member of the class will select a primary text that they are either currently teaching or are likely to teach in the future, using it to design assignments and teaching approaches for a variety of contexts and levels. There may also be a common teaching text for shared discussion of pedagogical issues.

The aim of this class is to be pertinent to the needs and concerns of GSIs within the English Department. To this end, future or prospective class members are invited to contact either of the instructors if there are issues or topics that you would especially like to see addressed this semester."

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