English 95

Lower Division Coursework: Other Voices: Multicultural Literary Perspectives

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
1 Spring 2006 Padilla, Genaro M.
Padilla, Genaro
M 12-1, plus one our of discussion section per week (W 12-1) 315 Wheeler

Other Readings and Media

A Course Reader


This course will introduce students to the work currently being undertaken by both Berkeley faculty and local artists in issues of race and class, gender and ethnicity, and the formations of minority discourse. Each week a different scholar or writer will lecture on literary study that reflects cultural and racial concerns. Upper-division undergraduates will lead discussion groups focusing on the methods advocated in the lecture and on various readings. Attendance is required at both the one-hour lecture and the one-hour discussion. Discussion sections will be limited to 15 students. A six-to-ten-page term paper will be due the final week of class, and during the semester there will be regular, short, ungraded writing assignments in preparation for the term paper.

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