English 117T

Upper Division Coursework: Shakespeare in the Theater

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
1 Spring 2006 Altman, Joel B.
Altman, Joel
TTh 2-3:30 in 200 Wheeler, plus rehearsals TTh 3:30-5 (also in 200 Wheeler) 200 Wheeler

Other Readings and Media

Shakespeare, W.: As You Like It, ed. Agnes Latham (ISBN 1903436044), As You Like It, ed. Fran Dolan (ISBN 0140714715)


"Detailed study and presentation of a single Shakespeare play--this semester the witty, wistful, clownish, and musical romantic comedy of country copulatives As You Like It, to be crafted into a full-scale public production for performance in late April. Members of the class will participate in a variety of capacities--as actors, extras, musicians, costume designers, prop builders, stage-hands, publicists, etc. After auditions, meetings will be devoted to close readings and discussions of the text--line by line and scene by scene--and intense rehearsals, indoors and out. If you enroll in this class, you must be willing to join whole-heartedly in both its academic and theatrical activities, understanding that not everyone can play a lead role. There are lots of interesting parts, and much enjoyable work whatever your function in the production.

Each student will submit an academic paper, 5-8 pages in length, on an aspect of the play or on the production process. Faithful attendance and participation are mandatory, as is cooperative support of everyone in the company.

NOTE: Because this course concentrates on one play only, it will not satisfy the Shakespeare requirement for English majors. "

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