English 150

Senior Seminar: Romantic Versification

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
14 Spring 2006 Hanson, Kristin
Hanson, Kristin
Thurs. 3:30-6:30 103 Wheeler

Other Readings and Media

Perkins, D.: English Romantic Writers; a Course Reader


English Romantic poets issued a great many pronouncements about the language of poetry. In this course we will explore these views not so much through what they said as through what they did. Focusing specifically on those resources of poetry which are linguistic forms -- meter, rhyme, alliteration and syntactic parallelism -- we will consider what defines these forms; how they are developed in distinctive ways by various Romantic poets including Blake, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Shelley, Keats and Byron; and what they contribute to the emotional power and beauty of these poets' works.

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