English 202

Graduate course: History of Literary Criticsm

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
1 Spring 2006 Kahn, Victoria
Kahn, Victoria
M 3-6 225 Dwinelle

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History of Literary Theory


"This course offers a historical survey of important texts of literary theory, with particular focus on texts that are important for English graduate students. We will devote particular attention to the concept of the sublime and the emergence of the idea of aesthetics. Texts include: Plato, _Republic_; Aristotle, _Poetics_; Longinus, _On the sublime_; Sidney, _Defense of Poetry_; Addison, _Spectator Papers_; Burke, _Philosophical Inquiry into . . . the Sublime and the Beautiful_ ; Hume, _Essays_; Kant, _Critique of Judgment_; Arendt, _Lectures on Kant_; Lyotard, _The Differend_; Derrida, ""The Pharmacie of Plato""; Jameson, _Postmodernism_, and selected critical essays. Students in other departments are welcome and may work on critical texts in foreign languages. "

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