English H195A

Upper Division Coursework: Honors Course

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
3 Fall 2005 Wong, Hertha D. Sweet
Wong, Hertha Sweet
MWF 12-1 121 Wheeler

Other Readings and Media

(tentative): Lodge, D.: Modern Criticism and Theory; Eagleton, T.: Literary Theory: An Introduction; Lentricchia, F. and T. McLaughlin: Critical Terms for Literary Study; Childers, J. and G. Hentzi, eds.: The Columbia Dictionary of Modern Literary and Cultural Criticism; Silko, L.M.: Almanac of the Dead


"In this honors seminar, we will become familiar with a wide range of theoretical approaches to literature. In addition, we�ll use Leslie Marmon Silko�s novel, Almanac of the Dead, to focus questions about literacy, history, memory, story, nation(alism), (post)colonialism, ethnicity, race, and culture.

Students who satisfactorily complete H195A-B (the Honors Course) may choose to waive the 150 (Senior Seminar) requirement. "

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