English 211

Graduate Course: Chaucer

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1 Fall 2005 Nolan, Maura
Nolan, Maura
TTh 2-3:30 222 Wheeler

Other Readings and Media

The book for the course is the Riverside Chaucer, along with R. Gordon�s Story of Troilus, the Loeb translation of Boethius, and various articles. Feel free to go to Amazon.co.uk and buy the paperback edition of the Riverside ; it�s much cheaper and more portable.


This course will focus on Chaucer�s poetry, excluding the Canterbury Tales, and on its sources and intertexts. We will also be exploring the various critical approaches to Chaucer that have emerged in the last thirty years or so. Students will be responsible for a major presentation, an annotated bibliography, and a conference-length paper (10 pages). We will also work on Middle English language intensively from time to time, and students will be asked to do brief translation exercises. The course will culminate in a �mini-conference,� in which students will read their short papers to the class (and any guests they would like to invite!) and answer questions.

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