English R1B

Reading and Composition: Gods and Monsters

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
14 Spring 2005 Sharon Goetz
TTh 12:30-2 80 Barrows

Other Readings and Media

"Anon. (trans. Heaney): Beowulf

Delany, S.: The Einstein Intersection

Sturgeon, T.: More Than Human

plus a course reader containing the following short texts:

Anon. (trans. Bradley): Judith

Butler, O.: ""The Evening and the Morning and the Night""

Chiang, T.: ""Liking What You See""

Ford, J. M.: ""Heat of Fusion""

Keats, J.: Lamia

Murphy, P.: ""His Vegetable Wife""

Wolfe, G.: ""The Fifth Head of Cerberus""

Zelazny, R.: ""24 Views of Mt. Fuji, by Hokusai""

and critical essays on several of the above "


"Using texts that explore the exercise of unusual power by unusual characters, this course examines the entangled interfaces linking human and almost-human, individual and community, and identity and responsibility. Who determines what is ""human"" or ""normal""? How does ignoring or minimizing difference impact someone's relationship with society? Where and how do personal and social responsibility overlap and come into conflict? What are some ramifications of the resulting ideological compromise? These questions and others offer points of departure for class discussion as well as the written component of this course. In several pieces of analytical writing, both formal and informal, we will develop skills pertaining to the argumentative thesis, overall essay structure, use of textual evidence, the process of revision, and research methodology. An 8-10pp. paper at the end of the semester will combine an argument of your own with guided library and online research. In addition, please be aware that active participation in class is vital to your success in this course. "

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