English R1B

Reading and Composition: Tales of Two Places

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
16 Spring 2005 Vlasta Vranjeŝ
TTh 2:00-3:30 283 Dwinelle

Other Readings and Media

"E. M. Forster, A Room with a View

Gordon Harvey, Writing with Sources: A Guide for Students

Zadie Smith, White Teeth

The Course Reader will be a compilation of poems, short stories, essays, journalistic articles, and excerpts from memoirs. "


"Over the last few decades many scholars have written extensively on the nature of Otherness and on various ways in which portrayal and creation of one's ethnic, racial, or gender 'opposite' reflect concerns and dilemmas of one's own subjectivity or society. In this class we will touch upon some of these theoretical issues as we look at a variety of texts - and some films - that depict a particular geographic region or cultural group from the point of view of an outsider.

This course is designed to be writing-intensive rather than reading-intensive. We will therefore devote most of our class-time to honing students' analytical and research skills. After a short diagnostic essay, students will write two longer, research essays (totaling at least 16 typewritten pages). The first of these essays will incorporate literary criticism. In the second, each student will focus on any representation of a geographic area or a nation that is of interest to him or her.

In addition to completing all writing assignments, students will be expected to come to class regularly and prepared to discuss the readings. "

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