English R1B

Reading and Composition: Ethics, Morality, Law and Literature

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
21 Spring 2005 No instructor assigned yet.
MWF 10-11 305 Wheeler

Other Readings and Media

"Barnet, S. and H. Bedau, Current Issues and Enduring Questions; Schlink, B., The Reader; Shakespeare, W., Measure for MeasureSpiegelman, A., Maus; Tolstoy, L. The Kreutzer Sonata; Course Reader.

Recommended: Hacker, Diana, A Writer's Reference. "


"This course focuses on issues of ethics, morality, and law as a way to both analyze arguments and to apply critical thinking and reading to one's own writing. The readings include essays on current events such as first amendment rights, affirmative action, abortion, the death penalty, and the concept of a ""just war,"" as well as literary and philosophical texts that explore the role of narrative and rhetoric in judicial decision, interpretive practice, and policy making. How does literary justice differ from legal justice? What philosophical and ethical underpinnings of law does literature reveal? Finally, we will use the Holocaust as a case study to raise questions concerning morality and human motivation, the right or the ability to judge, and the ethics of representation.

Writing requirements include short weekly response papers, peer editing, and longer essays that emphasize the development of ideas, drafting and revision, and the organization of an argument. The final paper will incorporate research on a topic of the student's choosing. "

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