English 100

Junior Seminar: Women's Films of the 40's and 50's

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
12 Spring 2005 Bader, Julia
Bader, Julia
MW 5:30-7 P.M, plus film screenings M 7-10 P.M. in 140 Barrows 140 Barrows

Other Readings and Media

Gledhill: Home is Where the Heart Is; Doane: The Desire to Desire; Thornham: Feminist Film Theory; Turner: Film as Social Practice


We will examine women's films of the 40's and 50's from historical, structural, thematic, psychoanalytic and feminist perspectives. Issues of gender, race and the gaze as well as cinematic techniques and theories will be considered in our analyses, as we discuss the relationship of these films to realism, melodrama and modernism.

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