English 180L

Lyric Verse

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
1 Fall 2009 Falci, Eric
Falci, Eric
TTh 12:30-2 3108 Etcheverry

Other Readings and Media

Poems and essays will be available in a course reader or, whenever possible, electronically. No books will be required.


We will spend much of the semester trying to figure out what the title of this course means. We’ll start by thinking about the so-called “roots of lyric,” not only Sappho and Greek lyric, but other forms and shapes that are deeply buried within the matrices of modern poetry—chants, spells, charms, riddles, curses. Along the way, we’ll revisit some favorites from the English-language canon (Donne, Marvell, Blake, Keats, Hopkins, Dickinson, Stevens, Hughes, Moore, Bishop, Ashbery, Plath) as well as some more recent experiments. We’ll pair various poems with various media (painting, music, movies, dance, video games) and conceptual frames (psychology, ecology, literary theory, cognitive science) in order to tease out the alternate currents running through the texts. Reading assignments will be small, but dense. In addition to a final exam, there will be one short essay (3-5 pages), and one longer essay (7-9 pages) that may be critical, historical, or a hybrid critical-creative piece.

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Lyric Verse

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