English C136

Upper Division Coursework: Topics in American Studies: The War of 1898 and the Cultures of US Imperialism

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
2 Spring 2005 Saldivar, Jose David
Saldivar, Jose
MWF 10-11 110 Wheeler

Other Readings and Media

Allen, E. ed.: Jos� Mart�: Selected Writings; Barnet, M.: Biography of a Runaway Slave; Burroughs, E.R.: Tarzan of the Apes; Fern�ndez Retamar, R.: Caliban and Other Essays; Gatewood, W. ed.: Smoked Yankees and the Struggle for Empire; Goldman, F.: The Divine Husband; Iglesias, C. ed.: Memoirs of Bernardo Vega; Leonard, E.: Cuba Libre; Perez, L.: The War of 1898; Roosevelt, T.: The Rough Riders; Rizal, J.: Noli Me Tangere; Sundquist, E. ed.: The Oxford W.E. B. Du Bois Reader


"This survey course explores the narratives (memoirs, essays, novels, paintings, testimonies, letters) and history of the Cultures of United States Imperialism. We will start by considering the multiple meanings of US imperialism and anti-imperialism, and the frontiers of US empire. We will then examine the 100 year meaning of the war of 1898. Was 1898 a date and space of historical beginning and/or a date of historical rupture? Why was the War of 1898 termed a 'splendid little war'? But we will move beyond the reification of 1898 by considering other transnational configurations such as Jos� Mart�'s 'Latinamericanism' and W.E. B. Du Bois's 'Pan-Africanism.' Additionally, we will explore how US imperialism maps the relations of the 'domestic' and the 'foreign' in gendered and ethno-racial terms.

Requirements include one paper, one mid-term, and a final exam. Exposure to trans-American postcolonial criticism will also be part of the semester's agenda. "

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