English 150

Senior Seminar: Film Noir and Neo-Noir

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
15 Spring 2005 Bader, Julia
Bader, Julia
Seminars TTh 5:30-7 P.M. in 210 Wheeler, plus film screenings Thursdays 7-10 P.M. in 210 Wheeler 210 Wheeler

Other Readings and Media

Silver & Ursini: Film Noir Reader 1; Kaplan: Women in Film Noir; Telotte: Voices in the Dark; Krutnik: In a Lonely Street


We will analyze the cinematic texts and social/theoretical contexts of a variety of post-WWII film noirs, using a range of critical approaches, focusing on spectatorship, the femme fatale, the noir hero and techniques of narration.

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