English 100

Junior Seminar: Film Melodrama

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
15 Fall 2004 Bader, Julia
Bader, Julia
MW 5:30-7 P.M. in (note new room) 203 Wheeler, plus film screenings M 7-10 P.M. in 203 Wheeler 203 Wheeler
Other Readings and Media

Bratton, Cook, Gledhill, eds.: Melodrama; Doane, M.: The Desire to Desire; Kaplan, E.: Motherhood & Representation; Gledhill, Ch., ed.: Home is Where the Heart Is


We will examine film melodramas from some early silent examples to 50?s & 60?s Hollywood classic realist/narratives. Melodrama has affiliations to a range of genres and invites interpretations from neo-Marxist, psychoanalytic and feminist critiques. We will consider the appeal of melodrama to its audience, and canvas the dominant moods and themes from Griffith to Sirk.

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