English C136

Topics in American Studies: The U.S. in the Progressive Era, 1890-1917

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
1 Fall 2004 Hutson, Richard
Hutson, Richard
TTh 12:30-2 155 Kroeber

Other Readings and Media

Addams, J: Twenty Years at Hull House; Chesnutt, C: The Marrow of Tradition; Dixon, T: The Clansman; Lippman, W: Drift and Mastery; Porter, G: The Rise of Big Business; Sinclair, U: The Moneychangers; Taylor, F: The Scientific Principles of Management; Wharton, E: The House of Mirth; Wiebe, R: The Search for Order


This is an introduction to a number of cultural/political/economic/social issues from a transitional period of the United States between the rise of industrial capitalism (big corporate businesses and huge urban centers) in the late 19th-century and the beginnings of a modernist attempt to bring order to what was often felt to be the chaos of development. In addition to a variety of texts, there will be screenings of a number of films. Two mid-terms and a final exam.

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