English 166

Special Topics: Engaging the Play: Being the Player

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
3 Fall 2012 Gotanda, Philip Kan
TTh 2-3:30 130 Wheeler

Book List

Hwang, David: Yellow Face; Baker, Annie: The Aliens; Cruz, Nilo: Anna In The Tropics; Gotanda, Philip: No More Cherry Blossoms; Gotanda, Philip: Yankee Dawg You Die ; Parks, Suzan-Lori: TopdogUnderdog; Ruhl, Sarah: In The Next Room or The Vibrator Play; Wallace, Naomi: One Flea Spare; Wilson, August: Joe Turner's Come and Gone


The course will explore inventive ways of engaging the theater text.

Students will read from a selection of plays and be expected to give presentations analyzing theme, story, as well as point of view of the playwright. This will be followed with students participating in the actual rehearsing and in-class performing of the discussed plays. This experiencing of the theater process will give insight as to how theater text spoken aloud, put on its feet, performed, can afford another kind of "reading" of what is written on page. The material to be covered will be drawn from contemporary American plays with an emphasis on Asian American themes and Professor Gotanda’s works. It is preferred that students not have a performance background.  Grading will be determined by commitment to participation, not “expertise” of performance. Classes will be conducted to allow for a friendly, comfortable performing environment. Study may be supplemented by video, guest lecturers – live and by skype. The vantage point of Professor Gotanda as a playwright working in contemporary American theater will lend a living, in the field, dynamic to the class.

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