English 180H

Short Story

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1 Fall 2012 Chandra, Vikram
TTh 2-3:30 3 LeConte

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“The lyf so short, the crafte so longe to lerne…”

                                                -- Chaucer

This course will investigate how authors craft stories, so that both non-writers and writers may gain a new perspective on reading stories.   In thinking of short stories as artifacts produced by humans, we will consider – without any assertions of certainty – how those people may have experienced themselves and their world, and how history and culture may have participated in the making of these stories. 

So, in this course we will explore the making, purposes, and pleasures of the short story form.  We will read – widely, actively and carefully – many published stories from various countries in order to begin to understand the conventions of the form, and how this form may function in diverse cultures.  Students will write a short story and revise it; engaging with a short story as a writer will aid them in their investigations as readers and critics.  Students will also write two analytical papers about stories we read in class.  Attendance is mandatory.

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The Short Story

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