English N180H

The Short Story

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Session Course Areas
1 Summer 2013 Gordon, Zachary
MW 10-12 103 GPB

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A broad survey of the short story, this course will cover texts from several regions and historical periods.  We will examine the origin of the short story and some of its common features as well as the unique impressions culturally and historically specific sets of circumstances leave on the form.  Our authors will include, among others, Auster, Barthelme, Boccaccio, Chekhov, Conrad, Didion, Gogol, Horodotus, James, Joyce, Morrison, Poe, and Viramontes.  Students will be required to write two essays and to submit occasional reading responses.

This course will be taught in Session C, from June 24 to August 15.

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