English R1A

Reading and Composition: On Campus: Fictions of College Life

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
1 Fall 2013 Fleishman, Kathryn
MWF 9-10 222 Wheeler

Book List

Chabon, Michael: Wonder Boys; Isherwood, Christopher: A Single Man; Nabokov, Vladimir: Pnin; Wolfe, Tom: I Am Charlotte Simmons

Other Readings and Media

A course reader will be available for purchase at a local copy store at the start of term. We will also watch a series of films & TV episodes, many of which you can view in the Media Resources Center of Moffitt  Library.


What would it mean to imagine our own lives at university as part of an invented universe? The fictional possibilities of the college campus, an ideally enclosed world of space & time, have been continuously exploited since the rise of the so-called “campus novel” in 1950s America. The word campus comes from the Latin for "field," but it is a distinctly American coinage in the sense of “the grounds of a college or university; the open space between or around the buildings; university or college life or people” (OED). This course will explore the college campus as a physical space and a cultural concept, a locus of revolution and progress as well as ritual and privilege. On the way, we will consider the continuing vitality of ideas about the college, the university, the student, and the professor in the American cultural imagination.

R1A is designed to hone your skills in both reading & rhetoric. As such, we will engage a variety of texts across genres (novels, nonfiction, poetry, film, television, short stories, & criticism). We will also practice responding to such texts variously, writing analytically, critically, creatively, and personally about campus life. 


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