English 45A

Literature in English: Through Milton

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
1 Fall 2013 Turner, James Grantham
MW 10-11 + discussion sections F 10-11 101 Barker

Book List

Greenblatt, et al, eds: The Norton Anthology of English Literature, vols. A and B (or Package 1); Shakespeare, William: Hamlet


We will study the changing nature of creative writing "through" Milton, Spenser and Chaucer, but the point is to introduce many voices rather than studying just three authors. 45 is a lower-division course, the pre-required gateway to the English major; you can return to explore the texts that interest you more thoroughly, at a higher level. This will not be a strict chronological "survey" but more a sampling of key themes, as they are constructed in different genres and in different periods across a thousand years of turbulent history. What makes a hero or heroine that we can take seriously (epic and tragedy)? what makes us fall in love (desire and the lyric)? what makes us smile or nod in recognition (satire and comedy)? Larger, overarching questions will concern us throughout: what is the status of literature, and how does fiction relate to emotion? Along the way we will gain a sense of the evolving conception of art and the deep roots of English as a world language, a resource for every modern writer.

Please note that this class will first meet on Wednesday, September 4; discussion secctions will not start being held until Friday, September 6.

Discussion Sections

101 Liu, Aileen
F 10-11 175 Barrows
102 Strub, Spencer
F 10-11 155 Barrows
103 Villagrana, José
F 10-11 185 Barrows

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