English 104

Introduction to Old English

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
1 Fall 2014 Thornbury, Emily V.
MWF 11-12 Note new location: 155 Kroeber

Book List

Baker, Peter S.: Introduction to Old English: Third Edition; Marsden, Richard: The Cambridge Old English Reader


Hwæt! Leorniaþ Englisc!

In this class, you will learn to read, write, and even speak the language of Beowulf. Once you have completed it, you will be able to understand—and will have read!—a wide range of texts, from comic riddles and love-laments to King Alfred’s educational policy. Because Old English is the grandparent of modern English, success in this course will also help you understand the grammar of today’s language from the inside out.

This course does not assume any previous experience learning languages at the college level, or any prior knowledge of Old English. Work will include translation in and out of class; quizzes; daily participation, and exams.

Note:  Graduate students may enroll in this class, and will be expected to do additional intensive work for graduate credit.

This course satisfies the pre-1800 requirement for the English major.

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