English H195A

Honors Course

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
1 Fall 2014 Otter, Samuel
MW 4-5:30 24 Wheeler

Book List

MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers (Seventh Edition); Barthes, Roland: S/Z; Booth, Wayne C.: The Craft of Research; Dickinson, Emily: The Poems of Emily Dickinson: Reading Edition; Eagleton, Terry: Literary Theory: An Introduction (Third Edition); Empson, William: The Structure of Complex Words; Foucault , Michel: The History of Sexuality, Vol. 1: An Introduction; Gay, Peter: The Freud Reader; Melville, Herman: Benito Cereno; Tucker, Robert C.: The Marx-Engels Reader (Second Edition); White, Hayden: The Content of the Form

Other Readings and Media

Course reader, available in PDFs.


English 195A is the first part of a two-semester sequence for those English majors writing honors theses. This course gives you the opportunity, training, and time to conduct original research that will enable you to make a scholarly contribution to literary studies. The first semester will prepare you for the research and writing of this long essay (40-60 pages), which will be on a topic and texts of your choosing and will be completed in the second semester (H195B). In the first semester, we will read literary and cultural theory and also exemplary primary texts along with related literary criticism from a variety of perspectives. Through a series of activities and assignments, you will be developing your thesis topic, learning about research methods, preparing a bibliography on your texts and issues, and planning your work for the spring semester. 

Students who satisfactorily complete H195A-B (the Honors Course) will satisfy the Research Seminar requirement for the English major. (More details about H195A prerequisites, how and when students will be informed of the results of their applications, etc., are in the paragraph about the Honors Course on page 2 of the instructions area of this Announcement of Classes.)

To be considered for admission to this course, you will need to electronically apply by:

• Clicking on the link below and filling out the application you will find there, bearing in mind that you will also need to attach:

•  a PDF of your college transcript(s),

• a  PDF of your spring 2014 course schedule, and

• a PDF (or Word document) of a critical paper that you wrote for another class (the length of this paper not being as important as its quality).

• a PDF (or Word document) of a personal statement, including why you are interested in taking this course and indicating your academic interest and, if possible, the topic or area you are thinking of addressing in your honors thesis.

The deadline for completing this application process is 4 P.M., FRIDAY, May 2 (which is later than the original deadline).

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