English 375

The Teaching of Composition and\nLiterature

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
1 Fall 2014 Goodman, Kevis
Thurs. 9-11 305 Wheeler


Co-taught by a faculty member and a graduate student instructor (the department's R&C Assistant Coordinator), this course introduces new English GSIs to the theory and practice of teaching literature and writing both at UC Berkeley (in English 45, R1A, R1B) and beyond.  Designed as both a seminar and a hands-on practicum, English 375 will provide new instructors with strategies for leading discussion, teaching close reading, responding to and evaluating student writing, teaching the elements of composition, managing their time, preparing lectures, designing courses and syllabi, and approaching other elements that make up the work of teaching here and elsewhere.  The seminar component of the class will offer a space for mutual support, individual experimentation, and the invention of each member’s pedagogical style. As part of the practicum component, we hope to pair each class participant with an experienced GSI teaching in R1A/R1B, so that new teachers can observe different kinds of teaching situations and classes other than their own. There will also be opportunities to be observed and to receive feedback during the term.

This course satisfies the Pedagogy requirement. All readings will be posted on a bSpace site. E-mail questions to: kgoodman@berkeley.edu or ianthomasbignami@berkeley.edu.

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