English 117B


Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
1 Spring 2010 Nishimura, Kimiko
Nishimura, Kimiko
TTh 2-3:30 3106 Etcheverry

Other Readings and Media

Shakespeare,  W.: The (Shorter) Norton Shakespeare, essential plays, the sonnets  (2nd ed.)


This course treats the second half of Shakespeare's career, focusing on some of the major tragedies, the so-called "problem plays," and the later comedies/romances. Our general approach will be to read each text closely and with attention to the socio-historical issues at play. As indicated in the schedule, each play is keyed to a specific theme engaged in the play as well as the broader cultural context of the time. Students are expected not only to be able to follow the basic plot outline, characterization, etc. of each play, but to push beyond these toward a more nuanced interpretive practice. Although a largely lecture course, discussion is warmly welcomed. There will be a number of writing assignments of different types, and, time permitting, a film that may give us an opportunity to explore more contemporary interpretations of Shakespeare.

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