English 165

Special Topics: Later 17th-Century Nonfictional Prose

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
7 Spring 2016 Starr, George A.
TTh 6-7:30 P.M. 103 Wheeler

Other Readings and Media

For this course there are no required texts to purchase; all assigned and most recommended readings will be photocopied, or available electronically, or both. Among the authors--listed alphabetically rather than in any other possible order--will be John Aubrey, Isaac Barrow, Richard Baxter, Sir Thomas Browne, John Bunyan, Daniel Defoe, Thomas Fuller, Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, John Milton, Sir William Petty, Sir William Temple, John Tillotson, and Isaac Walton.


Reading, discussing, and writing about British prose of the later 17th century. Among the genres to be considered will be representative samples of the “character” (of places as well as human types); the essay (controversial as well as meditative); history, biography, and memoir; polemic and homiletic divinity; and practical manuals on husbandry, cookery, fishing, &c.

This section of English 165 satisfies the pre-1800 requirement for the English major.

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