English N141

Modes of Writing: Writing Short Fiction

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Session Course Areas
1 Summer 2016 Tranter, Kirsten
MTTh 12-2 107 GPB

Book List

la Plante, Alice: The Making of a Story


English N141 provides an introduction to the craft of writing short fiction through the practice of reading, writing and revision. We will explore key aspects of craft including voice, point of view, narrative structure, and characterization, and will read a wide range of short stories. In workshops, students will share work and develop tools for constructive critique, editing and revision. Students will submit a finished short story as well as shorter exercises.

This course will be taught in Session D, from July 5 to August 11.

NOTE:  This course does NOT satisfy the Reading and Composition requirement!  On July 1 we discovered that this was listed in error on this listing but we have not been able to remove it because our web person is away on vacation.

The instructor is also missing here; she is Kirsten Tranter.

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