English 143N

Prose Nonfiction: Life Writing

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
2 Fall 2016 Ellis, Nadia
TTh 12:30-2 285 Cory

Other Readings and Media

A Course Reader with selections from writers including Virginia Woolf, James Baldwin, Frida Kahlo, Hilton Als, Alison Bechdel, Maggie Nelson, Lidia Yuknavich, amongst others, will be required.


A seminar on auto/biography, with a special emphasis on what it means to write lives that are hidden, overlooked, circumscribed. An unconventional seminar/workshop 1) that will be as experimental as the work we’ll be trying to produce; 2) in which we’ll be spending more of our time together analyzing masterful and previously published works than our own works-in-progress (I’ll be providing extensive comments on drafts); 3) in which at certain moments during the semester we’ll connect with an aligned non-fiction seminar, Covering Culture, with Professor Scott Saul; 4) for which writers with little previous experience in creative writing workshops are encouraged to apply.

Only continuing UC Berkeley students are eligible to apply for this course. To be considered for admission, please electronically submit 5-10 double-spaced pages of your creative nonfiction (no poetry or academic writing) by clicking on the link below; fill out the application you'll find there and attach the writing sample as a Word document or .rtf file. The deadline for completing this application process is midnight, THURSDAY, APRIL 28.

Also be sure to read the paragrah concerning creative writing courses on page 1 of the instructions area of this Announcement of Classes for further information regarding enrollment in such courses.

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