English R1A

Reading and Composition: Literatures of the African Diaspora

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
3 Spring 2017 Nanda, Aparajita
MWF 1-2 211 Dwinelle

Book List

Achebe, Chinua: Things Fall Apart; Kincaid, Jamaica: Annie John; Morrison, Toni: Sula

Other Readings and Media

Coaurse Reader and Digital Humanities Project material


Please note the changes in the instructor, topic, book list, and course description of this section of English R1A (as of January 13).

The course material addresses the writings of the African diaspora in a broader definition of the term. It touches on specific themes and ideas from pre-colonial Nigeria to post-colonial Caribean moving onto the "neo-colonial" New World. The course seeks to define the above terms as concepts and attitudes as exemplified in literature and films.

This course focuses primarily on developing your critical thinking, reading and writing skills. It is the first in a two-course sequence that seeks to hone your techniques of expository writing. Basic rhetorical tools such as description, analysis, explanation, narration, speculation and argument are discussed, enabling you to share your experiences, information and views with others. The emphasis all along is on provocative theses, strategies of argument and competent analysis of evidence.

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