English 243B

Poetry Writing Workshop

Section Semester Instructor Time Location Course Areas
1 Spring 2010 O'Brien, Geoffrey G.
O'Brien, Geoffrey
W 3-6 205 Wheeler

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Topics in poetics raised by theorists (Barthes, Bourdieu, Deleuze, Glissant, Riffaterre) and practitioners (Alcalay, Joron, Mackey, Palmer, Spahr et al.) will focus our discussion of each other’s poetry.

To be considered for admission in this course, please submit 5-10 photocopied pages of your poetry, along with an application form, to Professor O'Brien's mailbox in 322 Wheeler BY 4:00 P.M., TUESDAY, OCTOBER 27, AT THE LATEST.

Be sure to read the paragraph concerning creative writing courses on page 1 of this Announcement of Classes for further information regarding enrollment in such courses!

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